quinta-feira, 26 de maio de 2011

Rio accounts

A single ride is to raise the Contas River by canoe, through fabled islands, mangroves, stopping at the waterfall of 3 Falls for a refreshing bath and a singular view of Brazil. In return, option of lunch at a restaurant on the riverside home with regional food in northeastern Brazil. A good suggestion for those seeking a holiday with a real contact with nature.

Christ in the Esplanade

domingo, 22 de maio de 2011

Rapel in Taboquinhas

Considered one of the best rafting in Brazil, 30 km from Itacare, the descent is made ​​in one of the prettiest stretches of the River of accounts with big rapids, canyons and lots of Atlantic forest still largely preserved. Also ideal for practicing Rafting level III and IV. In the same place in waterfall with a drop of 16 meters is practiced rappelling up and enjoy the beautiful view of the site.


And a beach only accessible by foot. It is by conqueiros isolated in the middle of the Atlantic forest, which turns into a visual spectacle of nature. She was elected by Earth paths as one of the ten most beautiful beaches in Brazil and an attraction to those who wish to enjoy the beauty of the beach and an incomparable view of Bahia. It is no accident: the beach is simply stunning! To get there, you should walk a half hour for a trail that leaves the beach of Ribeira, passes through forest and crosses waterfalls. With a ride just beautiful!

quarta-feira, 18 de maio de 2011

Beach Tiririca

It is a beach that has waves, which makes the place a inidcados donates more to surfing. Tiririca already happened in some stages of the championship Bahia surf, and future steps of the local Brazilian championship surfing. It has some freshwater originally from Atlantic Forest covered hills, which makes a fabulous view for nature lovers still preserved. It has some hostels for those who want to stay in Itacare without losing sight of the waves and a service structure, with stalls serving regional dishes and good appetizers and natural mineral water showers.

quarta-feira, 11 de maio de 2011

Tiririca Beach

A beach with strong waves, is the surf beach. There happened a few steps from Bahia League, and soon, perhaps, that gives the Brazilian fans of extreme sports a nice place to visit. It has fresh water coming from the mountains covered by tropical forests. There are some inns for those who want to stay in Itacare without losing sight of the waves and a service structure, with tents, showers and natural mineral water. Where can fully enjoy the local foods and all that the Bay has to offer, with a beach for those who like excitement and want to get out of the routine.

São José Beach

It is located in an environmentally protected area where the Ecoturístico Villas Complex of St. Joseph, which includes an ecological park and a hotel of high standard: Itacare Eco Resort. due to be located in environmental protection, the environment is a perfect place for peace and for those who enjoy exploring green.