sábado, 30 de abril de 2011

Crown Beach

It is a beach which is situated exactly opposite the city, along the Avenida Beira Mar. It is your freshwater and sweeping sands. When the tide is full its waters are salty, and at low tide waters become sweet.

Concha Beach

It is an extensive with about 500 meters long. It has a view with lots palm trees and shacks. This beach is located the beacon, which displays the input and output of browsers at the mouth of the river channel of Auditors. It's closer to the city and the most frequented. It has calm waters, no waves. Several kiosks serving drinks and snacks is the busiest regional summer.

sexta-feira, 29 de abril de 2011

South Beach

It is a straight beach with strong waves, has a coarse sand with a yellowish tint and reefs. It has coconut trees and holiday homes, which facilitates the hosting of visitors. Occasionally hosts tournament fishing and surfing.

Christ's Beach

A beach with fine golden sand, very popular for water sports. It has a beauty that gives the differential, being quite popular. In the sea there is an image of Christ, for this reason the name of the beach.

quinta-feira, 28 de abril de 2011

Beach of San Miguel

A beach with fine white sand, palm trees and huts. It houses a charming fishing village and the mouth of the Rio Almada. Ideal for family outings and relaxation for adults.

Theme Park Jorge Amado

It is located in the town of Rio do Braco, a hamlet with the 20 and 30, where Mary went to smoke, with a fabulous view of the vegetation of the Northeast. It is an attraction to people who decide Vistar Islanders.

Enchanted Lake

It has several waterfalls, Atlantic and cocoa farms, houses several islands of floating vegetation, giving the differential to the site. For lovers of outdoor excursions is the appropriate place for a picnic and enjoy a beautiful day in the sun that Bahia offers.

Jairi Beach

It is a beach with golden sand and calm, with a still unspoilt beach makes the place suitable for relaxation and family getaway.

Cururupe Beach

It is a straight beach that has waves and soft sand, clear and thick, where children can play at will, however, when the bath needs caution because of the current.

Back Door Beach

It is a beach that has high waves, practically is only frequented by surfers. It houses restaurants, nightclubs, bars and tents on the sea making it suitable for the beach goers and practitioners of extreme sports.

terça-feira, 26 de abril de 2011

Beach Patch

A beach with a small strip of sand because it is covered almost entirely by sea, considering that not one of the beautiful existing Islanders.

Millionaire's Beach

A beach with calm waters often has a fine sand and with a tint of gold in color, surrounding the beach there are many coconut trees. This beach is very busy and exciting, its name is due to the mansions that exist in their vicinity. It has showers after swimming to remove excess salt.

segunda-feira, 25 de abril de 2011

Marciano Beach

Completely urbanized beach in his barracks structures there to satisfy the tastes of patrons, has a fixed sand for the leisure of children and some areas with reefs and rocks.

Concha Beach

It is a relatively extensive beach beach surrounded by coconut trees, thereby turning the site into a scenario extremely Northeast. The charm of the place is on enjoying the sand.

Canabrava Beach

A beach with gentle waves, a strip of golden sand and loose, with lots coconut still being a semi-virgin beach. For the convenience of visitors there in an accessible vacation homes and cabins for rent.

Avenue Beach

A beach with a golden color and lightness, calm waters, perfect for swimming, especially children. On its edge has an urban project that includes courts, skating track, track and acoustic shell, offering greater convenience to visitors and residents.

Batuba Beach

A beach with golden sand and forming a beautiful strike waves very popular for surfing. It has coconut trees, several tents and ample parking area.

sexta-feira, 22 de abril de 2011

Indian Waterfall

Recently discovered by the pioneers of ecotourism, the Indian Waterfall, about 5 feet tall, form an excellent natural pool for swimming.
The bridge of wood, the best Indian style, and waterfall in the middle of the forest, are invited to a perfect day in nature. Nearby, there is also a great area for picnics. The more adventurous can venture a trail through the dense forest.
Subaúma formed by the river, the waterfall is located about 5 km from the Green Line, opposite the sea.
Getting there: 6 km from Porto Sauipe to the Green Line. Following a further 21 km towards the north, through access to Subaúma. At left, a dirt road leads to the parking lot (5 km). Thereafter, a track about 15 minutes ends at the waterfall.

River Sauipe

Its main river basin, bounded on the north by the River Basin Subaúma and south by the River Basin Imbassaí. The Sauipe River rises south of the city of Entre Rios, making a journey of 80 km towards the sea. Surrounded by riparian forest, fruit trees are in charge of attracting a wide range of birds that cut the sky above the River. On the other side, a dense mangrove and salt marsh vegetation.
Two tour options include the visitor to the river in all its fullness. For those seeking adventure, called "Expedition Sauipe" is the ideal sought. The passengers themselves help to paddle their canoes rustic, typical of local fishermen, who go down to the mouth of the river, complete with a stop at the bar where the river meets the sea. Enjoy relaxing, enjoying a delicious swim in fresh water or salt. The transfer is done by jeep, complete with a walk, next 15 minutes per area of ​​salt marsh vegetation to the banks of river.
The other option is to follow in aluminum boats with outboard motors, up to 8 people. For approximately 1 hour and a half are run 14 km (round trip) with a rest stop and swim in the river mouth.
It is essential to the company of a guide and the use of life jacket during the entire journey by boat.
Tips: capriche the sunscreen, use light clothing and do not dismiss the cap. It is advisable to take insect repellent.

Sabaúma Beach

Its beautiful reefs during low tide, make delicious natural pools, which attract visitors from around the world. With a good infrastructure, the beach offers well-equipped cottages and tents, which provide kayaks for rent. The site also hosts the Tamar Project, a major initiative for the preservation of sea turtles. Surrounded by lush lagoons and sand dunes, Subaúma, in fact, is one of the great jewels of the Coconut Coast.

Porto do Sauipe Beach

The strong waves make swimming dangerous for those not familiar with the geography of the place. Throughout the coastal strip there is a large concentration of bars, restaurants and inns. The presence of women, braiding straw crafts palm fiber, is a registered trademark of the site and provides the display and sale of local food.

Massarandupió Beach

Taking advantage of its isolation, this deserted beach in 1999, became the first category of nudism in the region. The landscape includes a sea of small waves, surrounded by lush coconut trees and dunes. Such tranquility makes it one of the favorite spots of sea turtles for nesting. The infrastructure is still minimal, with some tents near the village and a beautiful camping area, located around a lagoon behind the dunes.

Bar Subaúma Beach

The site is completely undeveloped, with beach huts, restaurants and inns. Bathing in the sea and river are favorable in that stretch, which is also an excellent fishing for bass, pollack, Canapum, red and catfish. The divers also been immersed with the high occurrence of lobster in the reefs.

Beach of the Barra of River Sauipe

The site is a meeting area between the warm waters of the sea and the calm waters of the river, so it is the most sought-after region. It is excellent for water sports such as kayaking and jet skiing. The infrastructure includes local beach huts and a camping.

Barra Beach in Rio Itariri

The beauties of the place served as the backdrop for the blockbuster movie, "Tieta the Wasteland", by Carlos Diegues, based on the novel by Jorge Amado. The long stretch where the river joins the sea is a favorite among visitors. The warm waters and calm baths promote enjoyable for the whole family, and offer good conditions for water sports. During low tide you can walk across to the opposite side of the canal, where they are beautiful sand dunes and coconut trees. With tents, camping and restaurant with a good receptive structure in the eyes of visitors.

Pools Beach

A little piece of paradise surrounded by white sand and bathed by warm waters and calm. This is a very appropriate setting for Siribinha, privileged place of beauty and unmistakable, that during the ebb tide has beautiful dunes. To scroll through its curves, "Bugres" can be rented throughout the length of the beach, offering a beautiful script optional, an exhilarating adventure to the famous beaches of Mangue Seco. In its broad sands, Siribinha, has the remains of a sunken ship some years ago, fascinating goers and lovers of history, because through these vessels has a bit of local history. Despite being deserted in most of its portions, the beach runs alongside a small village, which offers a reasonable infrastructure for visitors.