segunda-feira, 11 de abril de 2011

Beach of the Flamengo

Beach of the Flamengo is a neighborhood in Salvador, Bahia, which is practically dividing Salvador de Lauro de Freitas.
20 minutes far from the central area between the airport Itapuã, Praia do Flamengo is the best of the city. The scenario consists of green sea, warm waters and vast coconut plantations. More than offering a mere beautiful beach with umbrellas to swimmers, these sites have two types of environments with characteristics that complement each other making the day at the beach fun.
It offers a superb view to Hike, Scuba diving and fishing in coral reefs, Surf, Kitesurf, Frescobol, or simply Altinho Playing Shuttlecock or Castelinho of Reading in plenty of coconut and relax.
Portion of beach parking structure, Guard - Sun, Sun loungers, tables and chairs, bathroom and bar services plus the best of Baianas Acarajé, Coconut Water, Cheese Rennet and the famous Chapel of the Popsicle. Go shopping networks, sarongs, hats, crafts, articles, souvenirs and local culture of Bahia or in the mood with the cornrows and Tererê hair or a tattoo Henna.

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