terça-feira, 12 de abril de 2011

Beach of the Porto da Barra

The beach at Porto da Barra is located in Barra, surrounded by the Bay of All Saints.
It is located in Barra, confined to the south the slope is formed by the Ladeira da Barra, through the Spanish Hospital going to the Lighthouse Bar, past the fortress of Santa Maria.
This beach has a small stretch of sand and is quite popular on weekends and holidays, owning a small cove with calm waves and pleasant temperature of water, quite conducive to swimming.
On the edge of the sidewalk, in Portuguese stones, there is a railing, where he has a great view of the island of Itaparica and where you can enjoy the sunset, the sun - one of the few places in Brazil where the mainland is on the west March
The sound ends before the fortress of Santa Maria, from which the rock formations make the place unsuitable for swimming.
There is also a monument, shaped like a cross, indicating the location of the landing of the first governor-general of Brazil Sousa.
It is one of the sights of Bahia, with several hotels and restaurants.

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