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Amaralina Beach

Amaralina Beach is located in the neighborhood of Amaralina, Salvado (Bahia), and the beach for the district that follows the beach of Praia do Rio Vermelho.

This beach starts after the Barracks Amaralina, who owns a small private beach, and ends near the kiosk of Baianas, where many sellers acarajé known as Baianas Acarajé and sellers of coconut water.

In some seasons, the beach is of a carpet of algae that causes the smell of palm oil (where are the fried acarajés) and algae leave this part of the rim with a characteristic odor.

The beach is about 9km from the center, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.

Part of the beach has great waves, and the later part of the kiosk of Baianas, it would be best for bathing especially for children, the remainder being devoted to beach soccer games and surfing.

Since 2005, the beach Amaralina received a revival on the shore, through works from the State Government and City Hall. Was implemented improvements in lighting for sports practice during the evening at the boardwalk to the beach walks and a revitalization of the Square and the Square of Amaralina Baianas.

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