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Ondina Beach

Ondina Beach neighborhood is located in the Ondinaem Salvador (Bahia) and the beach for the district that follows the Praia do Farol da Barra.

This beach starts after the restaurant known as Barravento, near the hill of Christ, according to the Spanish Club and through the region of the hotels (which brings together a large number of luxury hotels). In this region, both the club's premises as the Spanish Air Force installations and hotels, impede the view and access the beach.

After these passages are glimpses of small regions with sea beach usually crystalline, providing swimming and diving ability. During the ebb tide raises some natural pools.

The sands are very extensive, but have some tents on the stretch south towards the north of the Red River there is a cove at low tide which gives the bath is at high tide and is often used by surfers.

The beach is about 10 miles from downtown, the Atlantic Ocean.

The neighborhood where is this beach is considered a posh neighborhood, and it is this region that the Carnival circuit Barra-Ondina and where is the end of this route. It also includes the Palace of the Governor, the municipal zoo and the Alto de Ondina at the entrance of the zoo, where there is a restaurant and observation deck.

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