quarta-feira, 20 de abril de 2011

River Gulets

The complex water Caravelas River and its tributaries were of great importance in the development of the municipality of caravels.
Today the river basin Gulets and ensure the maintenance of one of the largest mangrove areas of Bahia, with 195 000 hectares of area is potential for the development of several ecotourism routes. No less than seven rivers - the Monkey, Massangano Jaburuna Cupid, Well Largo and the Caribbean - act as major tributaries of Caravelas beyond the small rivers of Perobas Saco, Tranqueras Pindoba Marobá and forming a complex web of navigable waterways bordered by mangrove and Atlantic.
Near the mouth of the river is influenced Caravelas sea and has a bluish tint that makes the view of the beautiful landscape. The sandbanks opposite the beach and the island of Grauçá Cassumba have a large expanse of marsh and a range of trips to Atlantic convidades. The quiet waters promotes water sports and swimming, especially children.

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