terça-feira, 19 de abril de 2011

Three tubes of mangrove

The people named this place three tubes that are actually eight tubes and the impression it gives is looking at the picture that the water is kinda rusty, but it was the reason for the sunset, and many also know that the waters of the swamp are not as clear as the waters of beaches. It is a mangrove swamp rich in seafood, especially crab and mangrove crab is very extracted by sellers of mangrove crab from the area are several miles that make up the mangroves. The mud of the swamp is used as medical information and the second site say that is good for the skin. A very narrow channel that through that we face with the region of the Great Coco, where there is also a great area that serves fishing for shellfish in the city of Candeias and São Francisco do Conde. The landscape is beautiful and is a place for those who not only loves nature and takes the opportunity to explore everything beautiful in Brazil can offer the variety of landscapes and culture.

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