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Beach of the Red River

The beach of the Red River is located in the neighborhood of Red River, the capital of the Brazilian state of Bahia, and the beach for the district that follows the Ondina Beach.
This beach starts after Ondina Beach, and has his eyes hidden by a hill occupied by the popular house.
At the end of the hill is a small cove surrounded by a balustrade similar to existing in Praia do Porto da Barra and this part of the beach is few meters below the promenade that surrounds the Avenida Otavio Mangabeira, known as "big hole". This part of the beach is perfect for swimming and surfing depending on the tide.
Following this small cove beach area contains large stones until the weight before the House and the new Church of Santana. In this region form new inlet that serves as a shelter for boats of the fishing colony. Although this region is calm is not often used for bathing.
In this part of the party that happens Yemanja on Feb. 2, when thousands of people converge on a demonstration of faith, where gifts are thrown overboard or by simple curiosity to see a beautiful party.
After church Santana region follows with stones to the mouth of the river where Luca is a big market with bars and restaurants frequented popular ethnic foods, the Fish Market. This region is not proprícia the bath. The beach is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean.
The neighborhood where is this beach is characterized by the large number of bars and restaurants, especially the streets near the beaches and is considered a bohemian.

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