domingo, 17 de abril de 2011

Jauá Beach

Jauá is the name of a species of parrot, typical of this coastal region of Bahia, where the animal's name originated from the place name. Ancient village of fishermen, Jauá during a single day has two distinct landscapes and equally amazing, with the tide, the sea waves and stocky with shows with a lot of movement, contrasting with the low tide when it creates a huge pool that diminishes over the course of the evening, giving the characteristics of this beach and rocks creating a natural aquarium, suitable for scuba mask and snorkel and relaxing baths. Jauá is a beautiful beach, recommended for children.

Fishing in Jauá

Jauá is sourced from old fishing villages. Every day, at set times according to the tide, you can watch the coming and going of fishing boats, which can be bought and chosen time.

Dunes at Jauá

Jauá dunes are part of an environmental protection area of ​​the Parque das Dunas de Abrantes is practiced in them and sandboarding. Very similar to snowboarding, the sport is played on sand dunes, with a board that can range from 1.20 m to 1.70 m long, made of wood or fiber. His maneuvers maneuvers are adaptations of other sports such as surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding.
On the dunes Jauá can watch the sunrise and sunset sunset with a panoramic view over the local coast. These dunes are considered a natural playground where children can play freely.

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