sexta-feira, 8 de abril de 2011

Pituba Beach

The beach is located in the district Pituba Pituba in Salvador (Bahia), and the beach for the district that follows the beach Amaralina.

The beach begins near the kiosk of Baianas, where many sellers acarajé, known as Bahia acarajé and sellers of coconut water, where he was going to the Portuguese Club, making out with the Beach Garden Valentine.

The beach is about 10km from downtown, the Atlantic Ocean.

Part of the beach has great waves and that the central part, where fishing boats and some stalls is the most appropriate area to baths, as part of the beach in the vicinity of the former Portuguese Club.

The neighborhood, where is this beach is the most populous and better infrastructure in the city of Salvador, and has many bars and restaurants on the streets parallel to the beach.

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