quarta-feira, 20 de abril de 2011

Gold Coast Beach

Much more than a beach at the Gold Coast littoral identifies the extent of the far south: the border between Bahia and the Holy Spirit. In that stretch the cliffs reach over 15 meters tall and lend a golden color to the landscape. The beaches that make up the Gold Coast are beyond the "green belt" cut by streams and rock walls and protected by the difficult access between the eucalyptus.
Some beaches still have native vegetation and exotic berry as cambucá, cherry, cashew and mango to the landscape adding ingredients like tropical aroma and flavor.
Tips: One of the best options for the trek to the beach in the Costa Dorada is Mucuri. The beginning of caminhad may be at Barra after crossing the river Mucuri. From there to the beach of Sweet Creek on the border with the Holy Spirit are tens of kilometers of beaches often deserted.

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