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River Sauipe

Its main river basin, bounded on the north by the River Basin Subaúma and south by the River Basin Imbassaí. The Sauipe River rises south of the city of Entre Rios, making a journey of 80 km towards the sea. Surrounded by riparian forest, fruit trees are in charge of attracting a wide range of birds that cut the sky above the River. On the other side, a dense mangrove and salt marsh vegetation.
Two tour options include the visitor to the river in all its fullness. For those seeking adventure, called "Expedition Sauipe" is the ideal sought. The passengers themselves help to paddle their canoes rustic, typical of local fishermen, who go down to the mouth of the river, complete with a stop at the bar where the river meets the sea. Enjoy relaxing, enjoying a delicious swim in fresh water or salt. The transfer is done by jeep, complete with a walk, next 15 minutes per area of ​​salt marsh vegetation to the banks of river.
The other option is to follow in aluminum boats with outboard motors, up to 8 people. For approximately 1 hour and a half are run 14 km (round trip) with a rest stop and swim in the river mouth.
It is essential to the company of a guide and the use of life jacket during the entire journey by boat.
Tips: capriche the sunscreen, use light clothing and do not dismiss the cap. It is advisable to take insect repellent.

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