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Beach of Ribeira

The beach of Ribeira da Penha or beach is a beach in Salvador.

Located in Lower Town, washed by the Bay of All Saints and distant 13 km south of downtown, offers a beautiful view of its islands and old mansions, a bucolic and full of poetry of yore.

The beach of Ribeira is considered one of the most charming and bohemian Salvador. This beach hundreds of boats to show preference for local sailors.

The port facilities of Riverside took the place to be initially occupied by fishing villages, which relied on the calm waters for the shelter of the boats. Originally Ribeira, Portuguese expression which means landing for repair of ships, was a fishing village and a summer place. From the first fishing village, the region became a place of summer played in the early twentieth century.

The bay of Ribeira is a mirror of water used as a place of training and competition for water sports and where is located the oldest rowing streak of Brazil. This beach also happen to the sailing competitions and canoeing.

In the early twentieth century, the cove also served as a seaplane to receive the first aircraft to Salvador. Today the former passenger station of the seaplane became a restaurant by the sea.

On the beach front, separated by Rua da Penha, is the architectural ensemble formed by the summer palace of the Archbishop and the Church of Nossa Senhora da Penha. The area is now a bustling center of evening entertainment with bars and restaurants and regional cuisine.

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