sexta-feira, 8 de abril de 2011

Itapuã Beach

Adorned by hundreds of towering coconut trees, the beach Itapuã, sung in the verses of Vinicius de Moraes, is loved by residents of Salvador.

Itapuã is the continuation of the high edge of town, several beaches that start in the neighborhood of Barra da Barra Beach and continuing on the beaches of Ondina, Rio Vermelho, Amaralina, Pituba, among others, and extending to the Third Bridge, Corsair, Placaford, going to the Lighthouse Itapuã - where the Lighthouse Beach.

The coastline extends further to other cities where the so-called North Coast leading up to the border with Sergipe, being accessed by road, making the Green Line.

Located north of town, off the Bay of All Saints, Itapuã is bathed by the Atlantic directly, providing in some spots, surfing.
In Itapuã identified a spawning point for sea turtles, for which there is installed a set of TAMAR, conservation - and thus becomes one more attraction to this beach.

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