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Garden of Allah Beach

Beach Garden of Allah lies in the neighborhood of Riviera, located in Salvador (Bahia), and the beach for the district that follows the beach from the Garden of Valentine.

The beach is about 15 km from downtown, the Atlantic Ocean.

At the beginning of the beach is the Garden of Allah, a little coconut incorporated into the city landscape after the urbanization of the Border. The beach in this area is comprised of many rocks and pools at low tide features that allow swimming.

Going a little further north, the beach has many stalls serving beverages and food in the sand, being quite popular.

In the vicinity of the tents warm waters of the sea has strong waves due to currents on the ground.

Very busy and lively, especially in high season, summer is the stage of Project Light, which offers classes in aerobics, dance, capoeira, tai chi, and others, to Bahia and tourists.

This stretch of coastline, is the Riviera Park, with areas devoted to the sport, leisure and culture.

Also starts from this beach promenade in a 15 km, which goes to the beach Itapuã, with track and gymnastics equipment.

The beach is ideal for weekends with the children and the realization of picnics.

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