quarta-feira, 6 de abril de 2011

Pedra do Sal beach

Pedra do Sal beach is a state of Piaui, located in the only Parnaíba city, situated 15 km from the town parnaibano.

Praia da Pedra do Sal is on the Isla Grande de Santa Isabel, river island in the Delta of. Access is available through the PI-116 highway, which gives access to the beach to the cities of Grand Island and Parnaíba.


Pedra do Sal is divided into two parts: the side and the side Manso Bravo. The side Manso has few waves, it is slow-moving and good conditions for fishing and relaxation. The side Bravo is useful for extreme sports like surfing and hang gliding. It is the most frequented by tourists and desportitas radicals.

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