domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

Shrine of Our Lady Mother of God

The Archdiocesan Shrine of Our Lady Mother of God is a magnificent Catholic church located on the hilltop Round Stone, Sanctuary Street, near Alpine Road, in Porto Alegre. The design for the building dates from 1987 but its construction was delayed due to environmental concerns, and its foundation stone could only be released on August 16, 1992, being consecrated by the Archbishop of Cologne, Cardinal Joachim Meisner. It was completed in June 2000, joining the celebrations of the Third Millennium.

It has 700 m² of constructed area, divided into two floors. It is a steel frame, brick and glass of bold lines, defined mainly by large pitched roof which organizes the whole package and extends to the ground level. It features a series of stained glass windows illustrating the Old Testament and the Sacraments, and a large statue of the patron, coming from Italy and carved linden wood. It is also a much sought sanctuary with the beauty and ecological spectacular 360 degree view of Porto Alegre and neighboring Guaíba including the estuary and the entrance of the lagoon (Lighthouse Itapuã). So the city's tourism bus passes several times a day for the site.

The complex includes a sanctuary steeple independent and sanitary facilities for the general public who attends on festive occasions and festivals. For these events an altar was installed outdoors on the terrace in front of the temple, where you can also enjoy a magnificent view of the entire region of Porto Alegre and estuary Guaíba.

Since 2010 the Sanctuary is run by the Redemptorist priests. Currently the rector is the Rev. Lily Pezzini and the administrator is Fr Beijamin Menegolla.

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