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Beach Fox

Fox is 28 miles from downtown St. Louis has about 22,000 inhabitants and is home to the largest colony of fishing Maranhão. Newly emancipated from the county of Paço do Lumiar, the prosperous village grew out of the 50s, and began to develop with the arrival of fishermen from the city of Ceará Acaraú - CE, they brought with them their wives, the known bobbin lace makers of the municipality. This assured the local characteristics of the main current source of community income are fishing and bobbin lace. Almost all the doors of the simple stilts (housing) of Main Street - Hall Of Lacemaker, were transformed into small craft shops, where they are marketed: table cloths, dish cloths, walkways, exits, beach hats, curtains, and a number of other artifacts made of bobbin lace, patiently woven pillows income for fishermen's wives. Tradition passed from mother to daughter.

Fox is famous for having some of the best places on the island of St. Louis to enjoy the delights of the sea. Taste the dishes made of seafood is a compelling task for those who reside in St. Louis or are just passing by Capital lands of the World Heritage

The town of Fox presents a set of urban houses, wooden stilts, which despite the simplicity of construction, cultural heritage and gain value, because it is associated to a past time and natural attractions, which nurture the ecotourism, sea and sun and business tourism, craft-based income and sales of marine products. It is impossible not to notice the natural splendor of the area of
​​the pier with the pier for berthing where are the colorful fishing boats, which, according to those who visit there, you can enjoy a fantastic evening. On the other shore, and the virgin paradise beach Carimã, considered one of the most beautiful island of St. Louis, filled with dunes and lagoons, extending approximately 15 km. Other walks are the trails and Itaputíua Pirimirim-Pucal.

Getting there

Bus line of Roads Coast depart every 30 minutes from Central Market, toward the city. Receptive Agencies in St. Louis realize, too, trips to tourist destinations in the city.

What to bring

With beautiful natural attractions, the town of Fox has all the basic requirements for the development of tourism. The handicrafts, cuisine, eco-tours in the streams, beaches, dunes and small islands, sport fishing and crafts, and other segments. Like all walks on beaches and islands, we recommend light clothing, sunscreen, hat or cap, sunglasses and bottled water, beyond the camera.

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