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Rally piocos (Piauí - Ceará)

Besides being the largest rally to enduro-regularity of Latin America, piocos Rally is back for the edition of 24 years, opening, nothing more, nothing less, than the Brazilian Championship Enduro Regularity (motorcycles), organized by the Confederation Brasileira de Motociclismo (CBM). The event will take place from 23 to 29 January 2011, dropping from Teresina, Piauí, and ending in Jericoacoara, Ceará coast, after covering several municipalities of Maranhão, including Barreirinhas city overnight caravan of over a thousand people event.

Since it is Brazilian, the best drivers in the country are beginning to sign up to compete for titles in the categories of National Master, Senior, Executive, Over-40, Junior and Novice. The method allows more Moto two categories: Novice Rally and Double, both are not vying for the title of CBM. There are 250 places available and demand, the evidence tends to break the record of members.
The last time the piocos / Cerapió thanks for the Brazilian of CBM was in the 2008 edition. Now the weather warms and the next edition promises to be one of the most competitive. The president of the National Enduro CBM, Ceará Alfredo Miranda, confirmed the news and said the board of the entity selected the best evidence to close the Brazilian calendar 2011 and will open the event with piocos the first two steps. "We use the criterion as the most important evidence, which generally have a considerable number of competitors and evidence of high quality and security, and technical issues that fall as a big event. And of course that leaves no room piocos that has all the attributes to kick-start for the Brazilian, "he said Miranda.

Technically, the director general of the Rally piocos, Cord Ehrlich, said the pilots from around the country will have a great competition and an amazing script, radical and variety of terrain and landscapes unprecedented in the history of the event. "Starting from the stream, because we go the route of Emotions Circuit and northeastern hills, and typical landscapes of wilderness, scrub. Who liked the last edition, you'll be amazed with 2011. I would highlight the first and fourth day as the most remarkable, but handpicked each kilometer of track, which is technically perfect from beginning to end, "said Strand.
Entries are still open at www.piocera.com.br. Free on Twitter: www.twitter.com/piocera2011. More information on Radical Productions: (5586) 3231-0910.

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