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San Marcos beach

The beach of San Marcos is located seven kilometers from Sao Luis, Maranhao. San Marcos is also known as the beach Marcela. Mark presents stronger waves that allow surfing. The sand is yellowish and thin, with dunes. On this beach are the ruins of St. Mark's Lighthouse, 18th century.

What to eat

The beach of San Marcos or Marcela is full of bars on the edge throughout their length and evening entertainment.

What to do

It is this beach that is the setting of the sun of St. Louis most admired very much sought after by young people who enjoy surfing. It's worth visiting the ruins of San Marco and know the summer residence of the governor of the state.


Tourists can have various inns and hotels on the beach.
What you will find ...

Looking for a quiet beach, but with night movement and varied.

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