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City of Parati

Paraty is a Brazilian city in the southern state of Rio de Janeiro: The beach town of Trinity in Trinity and its neighboring point with the state of Sao Paulo, a rocky point called by the sea: the Indian Head.

Very old Brazilian standards, the city was inhabited between 1533 and 1560, and in 1667 had its political emancipation decreed by the king of Portugal, becoming an independent town of Angra dos Reis.

By the sea, between two rivers, Paraty is an average elevation of only 5 meters. The city was the seat of the most important port exporting of gold from Brazil during the colonial period.


* Beach Jumirim
* Beach Jabalpur
* Parati Mirim
* Beach Plantation
* Bag Mamanguá
* Cajaiba
* Red Beach
* Beach of Sleep
* Beach of Lula


* White Stone
* Pit of the Swallows
* Tobogganing

Cultural events and folklore

* Festival of Sacred Music
* To keep in mind
* Meeting Street Theater
* Carnival

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