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Parintins Folk Festival (Amazon)

The Parintins Folk Festival is a popular festival held annually on the last weekend of June in the city of Parintins, Amazonas.

The festival is a presentation in the open, where two competing guilds, the Boi Guaranteed, red and Capricious Ox, blue. The presentation occurs in Bumbódromo (Cultural and Sports CenterAmazonino Mendes) , a type of stadium shaped like a stylized ox head, with capacity for 35,000 spectators. During the three nights of the two oxen explore the regional and thematic legends, rituals and customs of indigenous riverine through allegory and drama. The Parintins Festival has become one of the largest publishers of local culture

The festival takes place since 1965 and has had several places of dispute as to block the Cathedral of Our Lady of Mount Caramel, the ECC block from the defunct stadium and Tupy Canterbury. Until 1987, the governor was Amazonino attend the festival in the same place where the Bumbódromo, but it was a dais. He liked the party that promised to build a site the size of the festival and deserved the following year in 1988, inaugurating the Bumbódromo.

Until 2005 it was always performed on 28, 29 and 30 June. A city ordinance changed the date to the last weekend of that month.

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