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Gramado Film Festival (Rio Grande do Sul)

The Film Festival of Gramado was created from a Film Festival, held in 1969, during the Feast of the hydrangeas, with full power of the group organizing this event.

The truth is that there was need for celebrities, then invited Geraldo Del Rey, and the "sweet couple" of television, then married Eva Wilma and John Herbert. Lawn won then film and television celebrities, always a major attraction of the festivals.

Em1971, even during the Feast of the hydrangeas, was performed at 2 ° Film Festival that year and was the celebrity Jece Valadão. The Ambassador Cinema was small and no amenities, but nobody cared for it. The success proved that there could be a big festival in Rio Grande do Sul that would become the largest in Brazil, the best known internationally.

Em1973 in the month of January there was the 1st Film Festival Lawn. The Festival since the first event has always been the great supporter of the Brazilian Cinema.

In 1992, facing the difficulties of the Brazilian film industry, the Festival began to talk to the Spanish American neighbors. Speak Spanish. And why not? Italian and French and became a Latin Festival. The Festival came to be called Festival de Gramado - Cinema Iberoamerican and returning to his original name in 2007, but according to Competitive Exhibitions Film Brazilian and foreign, since it allowed the participation of films that not only Latin countries.

Bringing together a number of films Grane and people who want to talk about cinema, creation, dreams and possibilities to do more and quality, the Festival is now a vital space for the dissemination, discussion, criticism and encouragement of the national filmmaking.

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