terça-feira, 8 de março de 2011


Bethlehem is a Brazilian city, capital of Pará State with an area of approximately a 064,918 sq km, is located in northern Brazil.
With a population of 1,392,031 inhabitants, is known as "Metropolis of the Amazon, " and the second largest tourist destinations in the Amazon. The city is headquarters of the Metropolitan Region of Bethlehem the second largest in the region.
In its nearly 400 years of history, Bethlehem experienced moments of fulfillment, including the heyday of the rubber in the early twentieth century, when the county received a number of European families, which came to greatly influence the architecture of its buildings being then known as Paris n'América. Today, despite being cosmopolitan and modern in many respects, Bethlehem has not lost the air of the traditional facades of mansions, churches and chapels throughout the colonial period. The city is known worldwide and has significant influence national and even international. Has important monuments, parks and museums such as the Theatre of Peace, Emilio Goeldi Museum, the Mercado Ver-o-Peso, and high profile events such as the Amazon Fashion Week, the Cirio deNazare and more.

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