terça-feira, 1 de março de 2011

City of Buzios

Frame Búzios or just, as is generally known, is a municipality in the state of Rio de Janeiro located in the Lakes Region. It is located about 165 km from state capital.

It is a peninsula with eight miles long and 23 beaches, getting from one side of Ecuador ocean currents and other ocean currents from the south pole, which means it has both beaches with warm water and cold water. Among the main beaches are highlighted Geribá, John Fernandes, Horseshoe, Ferradurinha, Frame, Manguinhos, Turtle, Bones, Tucuns, Brava and Ox-Eye, the latter reserved for the practice of nudism.

The tourist and the local real estate occupation started after the international fame due to Buzios by French actress Brigitte Bardot, who visited in 1964. Today the city is so visited by tourists around the world and is known for 'the Brazilian Saint-Tropez'.

Armação, with its strong winds, is ideal for the practice of sailing, and gliding. It is a city that houses different cultures with a large number of foreigners.

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