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Morro Father Ignatius

Located at km 231 of BR 242, the Pai Inácio Hill is one of the main cards of the Chapada Diamantina.

Wrapped in stories of times the Colonels and diamond mines, is one of the most visited points of observation in the region and is home to a famous legend that gave rise to its name.

It is said that the slave Ignatius experienced knowledge of the region, led to very Sinha who insisted on knowing the surroundings for a walk. They ended up falling in love. One day were seen and the Colonel was furious to learn he offered manumission to those who surrender. Ignatius took refuge on the hill. Again it was seen and denounced. Colonel accompanied by several slaves who showed him the way he went up the hill and told him to surrender. So Ignatius said: "If it is to die at the hands of my brothers, I'd rather die by nature." Then he opened an umbrella and jumped, but dropped the umbrella and hid in a stone. While everyone believed that he died, Ignatius kidnapped Sinha and the two disappeared together. I heard this story told by the guides with a dose of excitement and surprise is very worthwhile.

The Pai Inácio Hill is 1,150 m above sea level and upstairs has an incredible view with enchanting landscapes on each side that look. Sierra Sincorá the Morrão, Morro do Camelo and at dusk a beautiful view of the setting sun.

A trail of just over 500 m, about 20 to 30 minutes, leads to the top of the hill. The rise is peaceful, with some bumps along the way, perfectly surmountable. The flora, vegetation of the Cerrado, the shapes of the stones, will make the short way, more beautiful.

Besides the beautiful view, the Father Ignatius also provides a visit to the Orchid House located at the foot of the hill. There are hundreds of cultivated orchid species endemic, and several other exotic species. Ali also works with the Miner's Museum permanent exhibition. The site is private property open to the swimming pool, bath spout and a certain infrastructure. Walking about 2 km along a path easy, find the beautiful waterfall of Father Ignatius, with its nearly 3 m high. It has a pool of clear water and ice, where we can cool off after an unforgettable trip full of natural beauty, history, culture and emotion.

Anyone who can face small obstacles and do not have problems with relegation. The track is fast and easy.

How much

Nominal fee of collaboration for the management of tourism use of the Morro do Pai Inácio - Value $ 2.00.

GAP (Group Environmentalist Palmeiras) is responsible for the care of the hill.

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