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Historic Center of St. Louis

The Historic Centre of Saint Louis comprises an area of ​​220 acre in Sao Luis, capital of Maranhao. Nearly 2,500 properties are listed by the state historic site, and 1000 by the National Trust. Part of this was declared a World Heritage site in 1997, for its Portuguese colonial architecture adapted to local climate.
Palace of the Lions, the seat of government of Maranhão

The main architectural feature of the historic center is the same concern about the climate, hot and humid. Among the solutions was the use of tiles on the facades of stucco waterproofing. Plants are "L" or "U" with large roofs and shutters.

The buildings are architectural houses, ranch houses and solar. The townhouses have up to four floors, the ground floor commercial shop floors and other residences. The manor houses, townhouses sumptuous, have many fine details, and ranch houses, finally, subject to various classifications (eg, full address: door with two windows on each side, half address: side door and two windows).

Among the buildings to be highlighted, are the Convent of Mercy, at the Granary House, the churches of the Rosary and the Exile, the Casa das Minas, the sources and the Stones, Arthur Azevedo Theatre and the Palace of the Lions (seat of state government).

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