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Ecological Sanctuary Spa Fallen Stone or Stone Fallen

The Ecological Sanctuary Spa Fallen Stone or Stone Lying is one of the most important sights in southern Maranhão, which in 25 years, has gained national fame, attracting thousands of tourists from all over Brazil and even abroad, as part of documentaries and thousands of photographs that span the world. Its main attraction is the famous waterfall of the Fallen Stone.

The Fallen Stone has three major waterfalls fantastic, and the Shrine of the Fallen Stone Waterfall, the water falls down a height of 46 meters, in a beautiful natural pool. There is also a series of small jumps, canyons, trails and valleys. In the assembled structure of the Fallen Stone is a large pool of water, court for sports, chalets, permanent electricity, sound, television, bar and restaurant.

The Ecological Sanctuary Fallen Stone is located at Km 35 of BR-230, 35 miles away from Carolina in the beautiful region of Serra das Mesas, 60 miles away from the Strait, 180 km from Imperatriz, Maranhão, and 170 km from Araguaina, Tocantins.

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